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Keeping Your Kitty In Shape

October 1 2021

Our feline friends are known for being super frisky and playful when they are young. However, just like the rest of us, cats slow down as they age, and become more interested in catching Z’s than catching mice. This is cute, but it’s not great for your kitty’s waistline. Of course, you probably won’t have much luck getting Fluffy to do stair runs with you. A Tarzana, CA vet discusses keeping kitties fit below.


Toys are really your best option for keeping your furball moving. Kitties actually do have specific tastes, and they tend to get bored with their toys after a while. Offer your cute pet a variety of playthings. Remember to change them out regularly to keep things fresh.


Fluffy will enjoy playtime even more if you’re playing with her. Make a habit of playing with your furry buddy every day. Wand toys and laser pointers are great, as they really bring out your kitty’s inner lion. Just be sure to put string toys away after you’re done playing. Your cat could get tangled up if she tried to use them by herself!

Pet Furniture

Cats are very curious, and they love to investigate, well, everything. Give Fluffy some things that she can explore. Pieces that encourage your feline friend to jump and climb are ideal. Cat towers are purrfect for this! Catwalks are another great option, assuming you have a good spot for one. You can even get your feline pal a kitty-sized running wheel, or some kitty tunnels to hide in.


Don’t forget that your adorable, innocent little furball has the instincts of a predator. That can actually come in handy! Every now and then, toss a toy or a ball of paper across the room or down the hall. Fluffy will probably run after it, just out of sheer instinct.


Diet also plays a huge role in your furry pal’s weight. Cats are experts at training us to feed them on demand. Pay attention to Fluffy’s portion sizes. Even giving your kitty a little too much each day can cause her to pack on extra pounds! You’ll also need to be careful with treats. Ask your vet for specific advice, including tips on serving sizes.

As your Tarzana, CA animal clinic, we’re dedicated to helping you keep your pet happy, healthy, and purring. Call us anytime!

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