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Kitty Anxiety

February 15 2022

Did you know that cats can develop anxiety? Our feline friends are very emotional, and can be seriously affected by fear, phobias, and stress. Fluffy can get anxious for many different reasons. Major changes tend to be very stressful for cats. Your cute pet may also be suffering from loneliness, boredom, or depression. Or, she may be struggling with a new housemate, whether it’s a human or another pet. A Sherman Oaks, CA vet offers some tips on helping your cat cope in this article.


Cats are really good at lying on couches, but therapy really isn’t a viable option for them. However, there are things that you can do to soothe Fluffy and make her feel better. First and foremost, make sure that she has plenty of fun toys to take her frustration out on. A good workout (aka play session) will also help her burn off that nervous energy, so she’s naturally calmer. Carve out time for kitty playtime every night.

Hiding Spots

Kitties are quite small, and they are both predator and prey in the wild. You may have noticed that many cats like small, enclosed spaces. (This may or may not explain Fluffy’s box obsession.) It’s important for your furry buddy to have a place to retreat to if she feels scared or unsafe. Kitty condos are great for this! Boxes and paper bags can also help.

Calming Products

There are quite a few products made to soothe nervous cats, such as treats, sprays, and collars. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Veterinary Care

Speaking of vets, don’t overlook the possibility that Fluffy is reacting to pain or illness. Keep up with her appointments!


Our feline friends are creatures of habit, and they can get quite stressed by major changes. Try to keep your furball on the same schedule for her meals and playtime. She’ll sort out her napping agenda on her own. If you make major changes, such as moving or adding a new pet or person to your household, pay Fluffy some extra TLC.


Kitties can get bored staring at the walls, and catnip mice will only entertain them for so long. Offer Fluffy a window seat to look out of. She may appreciate having a radio or TV on in the background.

As your Sherman Oaks, CA veterinary hospital, we’re here to help. Feel free to contact us anytime!

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