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Benefits Of Ozone Therapy

June 1 2022

Here at Healing Touch Veterinary Wellness Center, we are dedicated to offering cutting-edge, innovative treatments. One option we are happy to offer is ozone treatment. A local Sherman Oaks, CA vet discusses this wonderful technology below. 

A Born Helper

Ozone is basically ramped-up oxygen. Oxygen molecules usually have two oxygen molecules. Ozone has an extra. That third free radical doesn’t have any assigned duties, so it usually just goes to work on any damaged cells … which is very helpful for our patients. 

No Harm

Healthy cells are coated with a protective enzyme, which can be damaged by viruses and bacteria. Ozone can’t get past that shield. That means that it won’t have any effect on healthy cells.


Ozone has been shown to be quite effective in treating many different things. Why? Many diseases involve or interfere with the body’s oxygen levels, which results in starved or damaged cells. Infusing damaged cells with oxygen often gives them the boost they need to rally. 

Tangible Benefits

Ozone treatments can help reduce infection, strengthen immunity, and facilitate wound healing. Ozone also kills bacteria, viruses, and fungus.

Multiple Uses

Ozone therapy can be used to treat many different medical issues. Some of these include allergies, autoimmune issues, respiratory problems, head trauma, ear problems, and vision issues. It’s also often used for pain relief.


Another great thing about ozone is its versatility. It can be administered in a variety of ways. One method is to flush ears or wounds with ozonated fluid. Another option is to inject it directly into wounds or tumors. It can be mixed into gels or oils and applied topically, administered rectally or through an IV, or mixed with drinking water.


This is another area where ozone shines. It’s extremely safe, so you don’t need to worry about side effects or reactions.


Many medical issues are best treated with a multi-pronged approach. This is often an option with ozone therapy, as it can be used safely in conjunction with other treatments.


While ozone is wonderful, it isn’t necessarily right for every pet. It really depends on the individual pet, and their diagnosis. Your vet will be able to offer specific treatment options and care advice based on your furry pal’s health and needs.

Do you want to learn more about ozone? Contact us, your local Sherman Oaks, CA animal clinic, today!

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