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The California Spangled Cat

November 15 2022
Did you know California has its own cat? Fluffy may not be the official state cat, but she definitely hails from the Golden State, as her name suggests. A Sherman Oaks, CA vet discusses the California Spangled Cat in this article.


The California Spangled Cat is domestic, but has a bit more wild and exotic blood than the average house kitty. Fluffy was bred to look like spotted wild felines, such as the ocelot and leopard. However, she was quickly overshadowed by two other similar kitties, the Ocicat and Bengal.


The California Spangled Cat came about due to the unfortunate death of a leopard, who was killed by poachers. The plight of these beautiful big cats inspired anthropologist Louis Leakey. In the hopes of protecting leopards, Leakey persuaded writer Paul Arnold Casey Jr. to try and develop a housecat that looked like a miniature leopard. Casey met the challenge, combining several breeds in the process. You can read more about this story in his novel, Open The Coffin. Fluffy’s official bloodline includes the Abyssinian, American Shorthair and British Shorthair, along with street cats from Cairo and other places. The California Spangled Cat made her first official appearance on the cover of Neiman Marcus’ 1986 Christmas catalog, causing quite a bit of controversy along the way.


California Spangled Cats are usually quite large for housecats. When fully grown, Fluffy could weigh over 15 pounds, and may be over 10 inches tall. These spotted kitties are very pretty, and may sport several different coat colors, including bronze, gold, blue, brown, charcoal, red, black, silver, or white. One thing that stands out about the California Spangled Cat is the fact that they are very clean, and are quite diligent about grooming themselves. They also do not produce much dander. That means you’ll find less fur all over, well, everything, than you would with another kitty. Fluffy also may not trigger reactions in people with allergies, which is another great perk. That said, don’t expect to find one of these kitties in a shelter: these striking cats are very rare. In fact, they are no longer listed as an official breed. You can find breeders, but expect to pay a pretty penny for your pint-sized leopard. Do you need to schedule an appointment for your feline buddy? Contact us, your local Sherman Oaks, CA animal clinic, today!

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